People have expectations... no secret here! But when expectations aren't met, then frustration builds up and eventually, it explodes at some point. Usually, this turns things into a mess and makes everything worse.

I believe, what we fail to understand is that we project ourselves to the world and to the universe. And this projection of ourselves will attract the kind of things that fit, that match with the projection. It's like in chemistry where chemical bonds form not randomly, but by some simple and universal rules. Things have to fit. It's as simple as that.

What do I mean by fitting, or by simple rules?
I mean that we are constantly over complicating things. This is a human blessing and a curse at the same time. Our brain relentlessly seeks insight and tries to develop meaning of the surrounding world. We don't handle ambiguity very well. So, this mechanism of constantly seeking links and driving meaning, interferes and sometimes is the opposite of the simple rules.

We imagine something, we try to get it somehow. We don't know how exactly, and for this reason we develop all sorts of specific scenarios, we try to make them happen and we deviate from simple things like asking.
Now, our scenarios don't represent the things we want, even if we try to look at them from this perspective. We kind of want the universe and other people to figure out for themselves what we want. This does not happen.

Well, sometimes we do this unintentionally because we don't know what we want, but even then the result is the same.

If we project those scenarios onto the universe, and that we do, the universe will respond in the same way, by trying to match and complete the "chemical bond". The universe will always try to reach some sort of equilibrium and we should be careful what "chemicals" we emanate.

So, you have to take action and directly manifest interest in what you want. You shouldn't let the universe decide what is best for you. Ambiguity should be eliminated, thus controlling the outcome. Most of the time, if the end result is not as expected, then surely this is only because the some other things have been requested by the projections of your thoughts onto the world.

There is a distinction to be made between our feelings and desires and how we manifest them through thoughts. We try to separate what happens in our head with the life that that we live, with the projection. We look at the world in a finite way, where rollback is not possible, and we're kind of right, but at the same time we treat our desires and fantasies in a sandbox like environment where we play with our imagination.

We don't project our imagination, but the filtered outcome of it. We project the safe and not the unsafe. Of course, this protects us from harm and brings comfort the moment we do it, but in the long run it conflicts with the outcome that we want.

I believe we need to take care of the projections that we make, and to identify where we spread the wrong message. There is more control in this matter than we want to acknowledge. We have to take a step back when repeatedly things don't turn out as we want them to be, to identify our projection and the perspective we are looking from.
I believe we'll be surprised of how often we think of one thing and do another thing. And this is the end result of what we receive.

But what does the image have to do with anything???
Nothing :))